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Small block farming has its own unique challenges with limited access to suitable products and services.
Maintaining a healthy soil in very diverse situations is enormously important and our products are specifically designed to do exactly that. Soils are under constant stress from physical pressures such as treading by livestock and machinery which is detrimental to aeration and soil microorganisms.

Compacted soils will not drain properly and create further issues with pugging and anaerobic conditions. If acidifying chemicals are also added to this situation it is unlikely that your soils will continue to perform as they should.

By conditioning your soil with products that have been manufactured using biological methods and natural ingredients you will enhance your soils biology and production.

This creates better growing conditions for healthy plants that can take up desirable nutrients for animals and humans.

At Pacific Biofert we have designed products that meet these challenges.

Biofert Lifestyle Plus


Biologically manufactured using an internationally patented thermophillic composting technology. Natural products: whole filleted fish nutrient, microbes, inoculum, phosphorous rock and limestone are used to create highly available soil and plant food.

• Plant available phosphate
• Biologically activated lime
• Essential minerals and trace elements

Biophos-Lifestyle is a loose powder product that can be spread by hand or most mechanical spreaders. It comes in convenient 25kg bags for ease of handling


Accurate application rates may be determined by soil testing or apply at an average ‘maintenance’ rate of 500 kg/hectare. 
(125 kg or 5 bags per acre)

Existing trees: 100 grams per square metre applied above the root zone.

At planting: One average handful (100g) in the planting hole per 50 cm of plant height

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Moana – Lifestyle


Pure fish nutrients extracted from post-filleting by-product retaining the maximum available level of desirable soil and plant food.

Moana-Lifestyle is a liquid concentrate for application through conventional sprayers.


Foliar application: 25 litres/hectare 
(10 litres / acre)
To maximise nutrient uptake apply liberally until foliage dripping wet

Soil conditioning application: up to 200 litres/hectare
(80 litres / acre)

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