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Nitrogen Solutions

Complete N Granular contains SOA and urea, providing two different forms of nitrogen within a single granule to ensure an evenly distributed product. This provides a higher nitrogen content than SOA while maintaining a high sulphur content to maximise pasture growth potential. Learn more.

SOA provides soluble nitrogen and sulphur to crops and pastures, ideal for maximising growth potential in late winter and early spring. SOA has lower ammonia volatilisation compared to urea, therefore increased flexibility of application timing. Learn more.

Slow Release Coated Urea has an enzyme coating which slows the release of nitrogen into the soil at a rate that matches plant requirements, with a release period of 60 – 90 days. As a result, volatilisation and leaching losses are significantly reduced. This product is designed to reduce nitrogen application frequency and rates. In contrast, ordinary urea releases its entire nitrogen content within hours due to being highly soluble. Learn more.