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Welcome to Pacific Biofert

Pacific Biofert is a 100% NZ owned and operated business. The technology and manufacturing processes have been developed by the late Clive Sinclair and his son Bill who is now the company’s Managing Director.

Our Head Office is at Pokeno just south of the Bombay Hills near Auckland, New Zealand.
As an agricultural business supplying fertiliser products for the agricultural and horticultural sectors in New Zealand, Pacific Biofert has developed an internationally patented process and range of products that utilise natural resources to create highly available and cost-effective soil and plant foods.

our range of products


Laurie Rini

Laurie Rini – Kiwifruit Grower

“We have been using Pacific Biofert for approximately 9 or 10 years now, and have been able to increase our biomass which is what we have been trying to achieve

We also have soil samples done throughout the year that indicates it works for us and certainly for
the health of the vines and of course the ultimate aim to achieve a good O.G.R.”

S. Morley

S Morley – Dairy Farmer, Ngatea

“I have been using the animal tonics, the Chelates and also BIOFERT since 2011. I swear by it all. Great results from everything we have used.”

Jason Clark

Sunset Coast Organics – Waiuku

“Sunset Coast Organics have been supplying the retail and hospitality industry with organic produce since we become fully certified in 2001. We specialise in growing a range of salad greens and a variety of culinary herbs and seasonal vegetables. We have been using Pacific Biofert Moana products and Chelates since we have been established. We love the products, hassle free ordering and delivery … the products give the same great results year after year.”


Bob – Home gardener

“I started using Moana Extra in my vegetable garden this year … My veggie garden as never produced vegetables like it. They are larger than normal, and they seem to come on quicker. I carried out a test with my beans and I didn’t spray one of them when I spayed the others and it is still half the height and the others plants all produced beans a long time before the test one. I will continue to use it and Biofert … I won’t be using other fertilisers!!”

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